bitch bitch bitch

Okay. I’ve got a few things to gripe about today and you’ll have to forgive me in advance if any of this seems thoroughly “un-Buddhist.” The why and hows of the following being, in point of fact, completely Buddhist will have be for some other rant. Here goes: Am I invisible? Did I forget to […]

wedding garbage

Time is playing with me all sorts of funny. (You read that right. All sorts of funny.) I feel like the last few months have flown by, like I’ve not been able to keep up. It’s all going so fast. And then, this week, it feels like time. Is. Dragging. I can’t stand it. I have only one reasonable explanation for time’s sudden shift into neutral: the wedding is but a short sixteen days away. Since July 1st hit, the wedding has seemed nothing but Imminent (I’m getting married — this month!) and I’m excited as hell. And when you’re waiting for something, and excited as hell, time stops.