i like me.

So you see, it’s all about the web of interconnections, connecting things which were originally separate, or at least had the semblance of separateness even though, in Reality, they’re all of the same stuff. Like two turntables. Like a walk to Peet’s, my hot wife, and the witty refrain “i like me.”

is it the end of the world yet?

I really gotta stop stop hanging around the Interweb. It’s so depressing. Watch this: Didja watch that? It’s all about clergy acting as first-responders in the event of a national disaster, like Hurricane Katrina. Like they did in Hurricane Katrina. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m all for acts of charity, religious or otherwise. But […]

filthy bodhisattvas!

This was passed to me today by one of my colleagues here at the IBS. It’s from a 15th century Tibetan source (I think), and it’s best to imagine the final “m’s” of the chants to be long and drawn out, with the lips closed, humming: The sewers of Benares are filled with all kinds […]

how to get people to comment on your blog

Here’s three easy steps to get people commenting on your blog: Write a very articulate, insightful, thoughtful piece about anything, preferably something controversial that’s liable to get posted to Digg or some other social bookmarking site. Misspell some very common word, preferably a homonym, homophone, or use both the British and American spellings of a […]

an entry about nothing

The author, Mr. McIntire, is not earning his keep, along with the Editor, and as such they should both be fired. Immediately. I would never allow such incompetent people to work for my company. This is inexcusable. What rubbish! from the comments on the NYT’s “The Caucus.” You know what I love? Hyperbole. My favorite […]