mythical august has arrived!

[To set the scene, I’ll have you all know that I am sitting at our brand new dining room table (thanks Mom an’ Bill!) while drinking freshly made espresso (thanks Juli an’ Mark!) out of little espresso cups (thanks Yvonne!) and a sugar container (thanks… Eric? my aunt? they all came as a set and I can’t recall who got what part) none of which would have been possible without all the wonderful people in my life.]

First off, the wedding was spectacular. It was at terns beautiful, sentimental, silly, deeply romantic, spiritual, and a helluva lot of fun. It still astounds me how much work other people put into making something so beautiful for me and Dana. The insecure little kid who lives in my head is surprised that people actually like him. Go figure.

The wedding wouldn’t have been what it was had it not been for our minister and Very Good Friend, Harry Bridge. Damn. I am deeply appreciative of the thoughtful, mindful, and compassionate job he did making this whole thing legal. (And I’ll have you know, he’s a rock star.)

Secondly, the honeymoon was fantastic. (Even the non-sexy parts!) Banff is a pretty cool place, and the rockies are freakin’ amazing, and if you do go, might I suggest not going on a weekend and timing your visit away from any Canadian national holidays. I’ve never seen as many tourists in one place in my life outside Disneyland or Vegas. And, since it’s just popped into my head, I’ll have you know that once we told people we were from the U.S., they immediately asked us if we thought it was cold compared to back home. It was no less than 75 degrees the whole week we were there, and I was told that it was 60 degrees and foggy all week back home. So, uh Canada, no. It’s actually quite lovely where you are.

Third, have I mentioned how much I love my wife? More than I love saying “my wife.” Dana kicks ass.

Fourth, I’m sure more wedding details and pictures and links to other pictures will all find their way here sooner or later. But they’re more likely to find their way over on PrecariousCat since that is our website and all.

Last but by no means least, I finally did it. Check out the Buddhoblogosphere. Sign up and post something, too, damn it. It’s like a junior high school dance over there.