an entry about nothing

The author, Mr. McIntire, is not earning his keep, along with the Editor, and as such they should both be fired. Immediately. I would never allow such incompetent people to work for my company. This is inexcusable. What rubbish!

from the comments on the NYT’s “The Caucus.”

You know what I love? Hyperbole. My favorite hyperbole ever was a quote by Kent Brockman who, arriving on the scene of a bitter insurgency at Kamp Krusty, said, “I’ve been to Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan and I can say without hyperbole that this is a million times worse than all of them put together.”

I also love reading thirty-nine (as of 5:30 EST) comments about how this little blog piece isn’t news, no one care, why it isn’t important, etc., etc. I love reading all these comments because it cracks me up how much ire an article can generate, especially when that article “isn’t news.” If it’s so unimportant, why are you commenting?

But I think people’s ire here is raised because it’s the New York Times. It doesn’t matter that “The Caucus” is subtitled “Political Blogging from the New York Times.” It’s still the New York Times so it must be part of all that news that’s fit to print. But I’m willing to bet that the writer of this article, like 99.9% of all bloggers everywhere, doesn’t have an editor read his pieces before his hits the “publish” button.

I know I don’t. Wish I did though. I can’t spell for shit.

All of this has nothing to do with anything of course. It’s all disconnected in my head, too. I’ve been writing The Dissertation all morning and my brain hurts. So I’m doing this now.