is it the end of the world yet?

I really gotta stop stop hanging around the Interweb. It’s so depressing.

Watch this:

Didja watch that? It’s all about clergy acting as first-responders in the event of a national disaster, like Hurricane Katrina. Like they did in Hurricane Katrina. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m all for acts of charity, religious or otherwise. But I am fervently against State-sponsored acts of religious charity because of this funny little thing called the First Amendment.

Interested in so-called “Clergy Response Teams,” I found my way over to the Daily Kos who’s got quite a bit to say on the matter, and that led me to the website of Christ in Action. Skim down this page to find this lovely quote:

MOSES HOUSE is the name of the new orphanage that we’ll be opening in Batticaloe, Sri Lanka on Saturday, May 14th.
Q. Bethany why is it called Moses House?
A. Moses means “to draw out” especially out of the water (as in the case of Moses), and these children came to us after the tsunami (water). Also Moses led the children of Israel out of bondage/slavery in Egypt and we want to raise these children up to be leaders, to lead this country out of the bondage/slavery of the false religions (predominantly buddhism) that are so dominant here. The Israelites came through 2 walls of water (in the red sea) to freedom, I believe that the tsunami (which came in 2 waves- often referred to as walls of water) is the beginning of their freedom here too- it took the
Israelites 40 years to receive all that God had for them- a generation- and we are raising that generation.

I’ll let that one sit by itself.

Shit. I had no idea I was a slave owner.


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