myanmar (and other far less-important things)

First, sometimes I wish I had a separate blog where I could talk about my blog. I wish I had a separate blog today because I’m always excited that someone’s reading and commenting on my stuff. It’s even more exciting when it’s the person I was writing about, a-like-so.

Second, and way more importantly, there’s a doin’s transpirin’ over in the country formerly known as Burma. I feel like I ought to comment on this since it’s relevant to Buddhism in some way. But I would also like to go n record as saying it’s the country formerly known as Burma. In other words, it’s Myanmar, people! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read “Burma” in the paper over the last few days.

At any rate. Apart from anything I might be able to offer in terms of commentary on the Buddhist monks themselves, I think what I really want to call attention to is that yet again (a) the U.S. is doing squat to help people for purely humanitarian reasons and that (b) China effectively blocked any action by the U.N.

I’ll leave me comments on China for another time. As for the the role of the U.S. here, c’mon. We’re ready willing and able to invade one sovereign nation for no clear reason and a pack of lies, but we’re turning a blind eye to crises in Myanmar? And Darfur? Or even Saudi Arabia? What the hell?

Anyway. There’s some good resources out there on the continuing meltdown of Myanmar. Such as this whole page on the New York Times’ website. And the Tricycle blog. We’ll see how this all unfolds.