work work work

I feel like there’s quite a bit on my mind as of late. It’s the middle of the first week of October. I’m in the middle of my first week teaching a new crop of Japanese students all about what’s wrong with America, er, um, I mean, history and culture. Right, right.

Apart from that though I’ve scheduled a dissertation defense date. This is Big News. This means that I now officially have a deadline for when to finish the dissertation. So, like it or not, I actually have to finish writing the damn thing and turn it in, regardless of whether or not it lives up to my unrealistically high expectations of being the Next Great Work of Scholarship.

This, of course, is filling me with panic.

But mixed in there with that oh god I’ve got to get to work feeling is another feeling. It’s the feeling of, oh right, I’m about to graduate. I went up to the GTU administration building this afternoon to drop off some forms, and as I was leaving I found myself thinking back to when I started this whole process, nearly eight years ago. I think that if you’ve been doing something, anything, for nearly eight years, you’re entitled to be a little nostalgic and sentimental once you find yourself about finish that something.

Of course, I want to fight the urge to be too nostalgic and sentimental. After all, I haven’t finished yet and thousand things could happen between now and May. But nonetheless. It’s the fall semester of my last year as a grad student. In a few short months, I’ll no longer be a student. Hell, I’ll be a certified expert. For what it’s worth.

In other words, it’s starting to feel real.

But, before I get too far ahead of myself, it’s back to work. Writing writing writing.