weird fishes

inrainbows screenshot (copyleft by me)
It’s been damned too long since I wrote about music. Which is a shame since there’s been a fair amount of music released recently by some of my favorites and some of it is surprisingly good. (I don’t care what Juli and Mark say. I like the new Wilco album. It’s not particularly inspired, I’ll admit, but for a throw back to their folky-country-ways, I’m happy.)

I am, unfortunately, in no place to write about what I really want to write about. What I really want to write about is Radiohead’s new album which I just downloaded. That’s right. You can download it. I’ll get back that one in a second. I’m in no position to write about it because I just downloaded it ten minutes ago and haven’t even listened to it once all the way through. But so far. I have this to say.


Back to the downloading bit. If you haven’t heard, they’re releasing it themselves. And if you go to their website you can download it for… get ready for it… whatever you feel like paying, down to and including nothing. You heard me right. It’s a brave new world and I’m really happy that Radiohead’s a part of it.

(You can also pay something around eighty bucks for a two-CD plus vinyl plus picture book box set of the album that has many many bells and whistles. I’m guessing that they’re comfortable letting people download tiny little mp3 files for free because they know obsessive compulsive audiophiles like myself will be willing to shell out eighty bucks just to hear it in good old fashioned high-fidelity analogue. Or, at the least, that someone will buy it for their audiophile friend, hint hint.)

At any rate, so far, “Weird Fishes” has blown me away and inspired this little entry. “Faust Arp” has some beautiful combination of acoustic guitar, strings, and Thom York’s ever-haunting voice that’s going to deserve a second listen. Or a third.


[download or buy the box set here]