here we go again: again!

But I think he’s misguided about the assumption that Buddhism is not flourishing or that there is no “Buddhist culture” in America. And so I think his article is mostly off base. What I was hinting at in my previous post is actually just the opposite. First, I think the numbers are clearly in my favor, that there are all sorts of actual living and breathing Buddhists crawlin’ around all over the place in these parts. So it seems that what Strand is concerned about is one particular type of Buddhism which may be in danger of failing: his type. “Convert” Buddhism. Boomer Buddhism.

here we go again: buddhism, boomers, family, and clark strand

I’ve said it before and I’m going to keep saying till I’m blue in the face: American Buddhism — whatever the hell it is — is not just white convert boomer Buddhists. And if Mr. Strand is right (that boomer converts are dying off) and if I’m right (that the overall number of Buddhists is increasing), what exactly is he fighting for? Buddhism? Or Boomer Buddhism?

home again home again

And then right back outta here! We got back into town rather late yesterday. And I had grand plans this morning to Get Stuff Done, clean up around the house, call people, etc., etc. What did I do? I sat around all day trying to make the Institute of Buddhist Studies website that much better. […]

when am i gonna be one of the cool kids?

All of which has nothing to do with anything. It’s still pretty early in the morning, I’m rambling, but I really wanted to get on to some deeper reflections about what’s going on in the World of Buddhism at the AAR. That is, after all, why I’m here. But first I think I ought to set the stage a bit. Do some academic name dropping.

you could cut the tension in here with a knife

This morning I went by the Employment Information Services center here at the conference. It’s a place where employers can list jobs and candidates can apply and interview and stuff. I decided to hang out in the “candidate lounge” to look through listings. Once I got in there I immediately felt nervous and depressed. And […]

the dissertation

Yesterday, in my short little blog posting, I thought to myself, why doesn’t this blog have a whole category for the dissertation (or academic things in general) the way I have categories for the buddha and music and politic. So, here it is. It’s chock-full of fun little entries about the academy, my time as […]


So I had this grand vision to write a long and really deep and insightful little blog piece today. But, let’s be honest. I’ve been doing nothing but writing for nearly eight hours a day for the past two weeks. I’m all written-out. All that writing, of course, has led to what I consider to […]