this ain’t hanami

Sakura (cheery blossoms) bloom only for a week or two in the spring. Viewing them is all about reflecting on transiency, impermanency and yet beauty inherent in our lives. But today I’m feeling very much like things are changing. Like I’m in the middle of a transitional period, and what’s at the other side is still a bit of a mystery. But, of course, these changes are all wonderful things.

An unordered list of stuff:
I’ve known my wife for just two years now. But we both — despite how sentimental or romantic or trite it sounds — feel like we’ve know each other forever. What’s that line from Rumi? Something akin to lovers don’t finally meet somewhere; they’re in each other all along.

And in this short two years, everything is different. Those that’ve known me a while remember the series of crappy apartments, crappy relationships, crappy jobs, and how all of that is different now. Everyone I’ve introduced Dana to has said, without exception, that they’ve never seen me happier than I am now.

So all this change is wonderful. I wouldn’t give it up for anything.

This is all on my brain right now because she’s got a brand spankin’ new job. And it’ll change our lifestyles a bit since the job’s in the City so all those routines we’ve been building for the past six months are going to come tumbling down. What’s on the other side? A new phase. A new time in our lives together.

This is all rambling. This entry. But it’s rambling because I’m saving all the good writing in me for my dissertation. Right, right. The dissertation. I’m a few pages shy of finishing a draft for chapter four. Chapter five is the conclusion, so getting the first complete draft under my belt is a mere days away. Which means I’m this much closer to being PhinisheD. Which is both a good and scary and transitonally kind of thing.

See where are this is going?

And, oh right. It’s November now, which means my birthday’s coming up. Crap. I’m gettin’ older, too!

Anyway, now that I’ve spat all that out, I’d better get down to business.