So I had this grand vision to write a long and really deep and insightful little blog piece today. But, let’s be honest. I’ve been doing nothing but writing for nearly eight hours a day for the past two weeks. I’m all written-out.

All that writing, of course, has led to what I consider to be the first complete draft of (drum roll please) The Dissertation. (I’m imagining applause in the background right now, but half-hearted applause from a half-empty room, or that “yay!” from The Holy Grail when they say, “And there was much rejoicing.” At any rate.) The first officially completed draft is, right now, as we speak, all wrapped up in an interdepartmental envelope in front of my advisor’s office door. Tomorrow, he’ll be reading it. Eep.

I have a very strong desire to go and pick it up and keep working on it. I need to let go.

I need to let go because there is a series of Other Things happening in my life over the next two and half weeks. First, my birthday. (And there was much rejoicing.) Second, I’m going to AAR (the big annual religious scholars convention) which is in San Diego which means, third, I get to see brother and sister-in-law and cute cute nieces, and my old friend from the horrible camp company job (there was much rejoicing). And fourth, I’m going away with the Family (that’s right, both families) for Thanksgiving. (Talk about rejoicing.)

So that’s what I’m gonna’ to do right now. Let it go. Walk away. Go home. And rejoice.

You should do the same.