san diego

Hey look! I’m in San Diego!

Well it’s three o’clock in the afternoon of Friday of November 16th which can mean only one thing (for me at any rate): it’s the Big Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion. Just like two years ago, I’ve put on my best clothes and journeyed to some strange and foreign land to play doctor… er, um, scholar, that is.

But unlike two year ago, I feel pretty good about it this time around. Apart from getting a chance to see friends and family, I’m feeling good about my role as a scholar. I think, two years ago, I was feeling unsure of myself, not wholly convinced that this was the life for me. But, then again, things at the Old Job were good, and things for me as an academic were sort of in a holding pattern. It’d been a while since I’d been in a classroom, and I wasn’t completely convinced that the work I was (and still am) doing is relevant or important beyond the three people who are ever going to read my dissertation.

But now, after Old Job became a monstrous pain in my ass, after teaching for the past year, after the dissertation started to come together and actually make sense, I’m reminded of why I put myself through all this in the first place: because I love love love being a scholar. I’m a geek in that respect, and I make no claims that my area of geekiness (religion, the academy, and even Buddhism) is no less geeky than Star Trek fanaticism.

So I’m going to embrace it this time around. Even if I have to put on a costume to mask my tattoos and the “real me” (whatever the hell that means), I know I’m wearing this costume because it enables me to live this life.

Besides, if my wedding taught me anything it’s that I look pretty good in a suit.