home again home again

And then right back outta here!

We got back into town rather late yesterday. And I had grand plans this morning to Get Stuff Done, clean up around the house, call people, etc., etc. What did I do? I sat around all day trying to make the Institute of Buddhist Studies website that much better. That’s right. I worked. Which is fine, I guess. I mean, they are paying me after all. But Dana and I are outta here again tomorrow so I feel like I should have prepared a bit better for it than I did. Oh well.

What I really need to do is freakin’ relax. The truth of it is that I’m going on vacation tomorrow. I shouldn’t be all stressed out that I need to totally revamp that website (burn it to the ground! start fresh!) or that I have about four weeks to finish my dissertation. Don’t think about that!!! Go on vacation! Relax! Give thanks! all that jazz!

So that’s what I’m doing.

So you’ll just have to wait till next week for more fully articulated re-caps of the AAR or of grand reflections on Buddhism in this here blog; for updates and fancy-schamcy AJAX tricks to the IBS website; for the fully developed and ready-for-defense dissertation.

So there.

[happy turkey-day, and all that jazz!]