it’s like winter or something

It’s freakin’ cold out there. But, then again, it’s not like I’m livin’ in North Dakota or anything. So I’ll just get over that one.

At any rate, on to other things. There’s a whole bunch of things I’ve got rollin’ around up in the ol’ noggin today that I could be writing about. But I’m feeling rather all over the place. Too much stuff becomes hard to organize. Not to mention the fact that I’ve been fighting a cold the last few days, so my head’s in a fog, which makes it even harder to bring order to chaos. (I also watched First Contact the other day so I’ve got all sorts of sci-fi one-liners rolling around in my head (and why is it that Wesley Crusher was only in Nemesis? I’m sure one of my geek-readers knows the answer to that question)).

What was I saying? Oh right. All sorts of things rolling around up there. What I was just doing before I decided to write about it was looking over some upcoming academic projects. Apart from my dissertation, I’m realizing that I need to start looking ahead to the next Big Thing: or, rather, the next series of little things that will make me a well-rounded scholar and help me to convince someone to give me a full time job so I can pay off that mounting student-loan debt, move in to a nicer place, make a baby or two, build a white-picket fence, and hire Tom Sawyer to paint it.

And thinking about these things makes me realize, oh right. I’m almost done. The next time I go to one of these academic conferences like the one I just came from, I’ll be going as “Doctor” rather than a student member. (Which sort of sucks because students get big fat discounts.) Which is a weird thing to think about. Another weird thing to think about is that I don’t have to keep peddling this dissertation around. Once I’m done with the dissertation, I can strip mine it for some good short articles and maybe convince someone to publish it for me; but more than likely I’ll turn around and start writing about other things. This lousy short-attention span of mine is already making me think about what I’d like to study which has little to do with this whole ritual-in-America kick I’ve been on lo these many years.

Wow. I love it when I write blog entries with “noggin,” “lo,” AND Wil Wheaton.

So, on that note, I think I need to hunker down (note: add to list in previous paragraph, “hunker”) and get to work on revising Chapter Three.

One two three… here I go!