getting old or still young?

I’m not sure if the fact that I (we) own the top three albums of the year, according to the New York Times, makes me still young enough to know what’s hip, or, since it’s the New York Times, it makes old. Then again, I did just say “hip.”

Well. That answers that question.

(As an aside, they are pretty damn good albums. Say what you will about Amy Winehouse, she has a pretty spectacular and beautifully soulful voice for someone so young, so British, and so drunk.)

To give some folks some updates, Christmas was wonderfully relaxing, we ate too much, drank too much, got some pretty good stuff, and Dana loved her slightly used digital SLR camera. Expect great pictures over on PrecariousCat. I’ll have to write more, later, but for now, it’s back to The Dissertation. I think I may be on the “defensible” draft. Meaning that this will be last time I have to read the damn thing before it goes to committee and I start nervously biting my nails until the defense February 13th.

Happy New Year!