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There are, as I write this, four full copies of my dissertation sitting on my desk. One for me, and one for each member of my committee. That’s right. I’m done. I’ve put all I can into this damned thing and it’s finally complete. The “final,” “defensible” draft, all wrapped up and ready to be handed over to the committee. Which means that between now and February 13th I’ll be impatiently biting my nails.

For you pleasure (if I can call it that), I give you the following teaser, preview, of the completed dissertation. The attached PDF contains the table of contents, an abstract, and the first eighteen pages or so of the final project. This is a “defensible” draft which means it’s “almost done.” Once I finish the defense, I’m sure I’ll have a few more revisions to make and then it’ll be Done done. And then I’ll upload the whole thing to this site for the world to enjoy, criticize, laud, whatever.

That said, feel free to comment on it if you like. But be forewarned that I’m liable to not listen to your feedback since, according the rules, I can’t make any changes to this draft until after the defense. So, I’ll politely file your suggestions away for March.


Download the teaser.

One thought on “teaser trailer

  1. You did remember to leave a $20 bill in the copy of the dissertation you left with the reviewers, right? Helps grease the wheels and all that. 🙂

    Congrats on finally getting it done. I hope to read it soon, time permitting.

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