the most depressing day of the year and the fatosphere

While driving around yesterday (where was I going? home? work? whatever) I heard on NPR that the third Monday of January is considered the most depressing day of the year. It’s considered that by some therapist who claims that it’s just about the time that our Christmas credit card bills start showing up and we realize that we’re making no progress on our New Year’s Resolutions. A pretty compelling argument to be sure.

In related news (related insofar as “losing weight” is a pretty common New Years Resolution), the New York Times reports today about the Fatosphere, blogs written by and about fat people who want to overcome fat-phobia (and thin-phobia for that matter) and counter the general obesity hysteria in the mass media. In short, they think it’s more important to be healthy than thin and argue that for a lot of people, being fat isn’t a choice. It’s no different than being tall or short or whatever. And seems like a good thing to link to on Tuesday, the day NBC airs The Biggest Loser, a show, I’m almost ashamed to admit, Dana has gotten me addicted to. I have conflicted feelings about my inability to look away. But I’ve got conflicted feelings about a lot more important things in life than whether or not I should be watching reality TV.

There is no point to this stuff. Like the Zen Cat, it’s just some weird shit I’ve uncovered on this fine and freezing Tuesday! Enjoy!

It’s really not fair for me to blame my watching reality TV on my wife. If I was really opposed to it I’d put up a fight. Or go in the other room. Or something. But of all my vices, watching the Fat People on Tuesday or the Skinny People on… whatever the hell day the model show is on… is a vice I’m not going to feel bad about. Hey. I’m listening to classical music right now and I read the New Yorker, too!

Update number two!
Added to the list of weird things on Tuesday, I just read that Heath Ledger died. Well now that is depressing….