quick bites

I’ve got a couple of quick things I wanted to interject here. It’s nearly ten in the morning, and I really need to start working. Big big IBS website redesign project nearing completion. More on that later. Sentence fragments here. Heighten tension.

Anyway, while tooling around the web this morning, I found a very well-written bit on Dharma and Culture over on Echos of the Name. This in turn led to me a new discovery, the blog of a sociology professor in Atlanta, RacelsTavern.

Specifically, her piece on multiethnic congregations caught my eye, probably because it has so much in common with my many musing on Mr. Clark Strand.

In other news, I’ve been tagged by the Tricycle’s Editor’s Blog in regards to my discovery of the Zen Cat. Which of course is a mixed bag for me since I’m usually so critical of those guys, but its always nice to get free press, but wouldn’t it have been better to be noticed for something more deep or incisive? Oh well. No such thing as bad press I guess.

Al over at In Pursuit of Mysteries writes a compelling piece about Internet Explorer…. 7 or 9 or something. To be short and to the point: IE still suck (just like corporate rock) and web developers should be coding to standards in the hopes that someday IE will be as meaningful as Netscape Navigator. I’ll let you read his words since they’re better than mine, but know I’m on board with that. Power to the people!… or something…

Moving rapidly along…. well, actually, I think that’s it for now. Must get back to code code code. IE be damned!