can’t we all just get along?

Actually, there are no superior and inferior Dharma doors. Furthermore, Dharma doors are interconnected. all are perfect and without obstruction. For example, when one recites the Buddha’s name to the point of one-mindedness, is this not investigating Ch’an? When one investigates Ch’an to the point of no separation between the investigator and that which is being investigated, is this not reciting the real characteristic of the Buddha? Ch’an is not other than the Ch’an within the Pure Land and Pure Land is not other than the Pure Land within Ch’an. Ch’an and pure Land are mutually enriching, and they function together.

lookin’ good for buddha

Since we live in a de facto Christian country, of course we live in a country that regularly denigrates one religion while staunchly defending another. Rather than presenting and representing Buddhism as a legitimate religion on par with the Judeo-Christian hegemony in this country, it’s something you can trademark and use to sell everything from scented candles to sex toys.

you shouldn’t be afraid

There is something much more deliberate about listening to music on vinyl. This is something you do, something you must be mindful of. I can hit the “shuffle” button on iTunes, walk away, do the dishes, hang out with the dog, get a sandwich — and the music becomes background noise. But with a record, you need to be singularly conscious of what you’re doing. You need to take great care when sitting down to listen to the disc. And in the case of In Rainbows, you need even more care because the album is spread over two records with just two to three songs per side. Which means there’s a lot of getting up and flipping discs involved. You’re forced to listen.

the oral defense

Before the oral defense officially started this morning, Judith (one of my committee members) and I were making polite small talk, chit chat. She told me that around the same time I passed off my dissertation to her, another one of her students had turned one in that was 700 pages long. Mine’s a mere […]


In other, other, other, news, once the Dissertation has been defended, I expect everyone to call me Dr. Scott. No wait. That’s not what I was going to say. Once Thursday rolls around, I’ll be posting something more, oh, I don’t know, Buddhist. Unless of course my Radiohead boxset ever shows up. In which case maybe I’ll talk about the difference between digital downloads, CDs, and vinyl. I don’t know. But I do know this: maybe I’ll be just a little be less distracted.

new and improved!

I think the phrase “new and improved” is deeply insulting. It implies that whatever came before is old and inferior. But seriously, hey look! I updated the buddha is my dj! I’ve been meaning to update the blog software that powers this site for some time, for a lot of reasons. I wanted to better […]