can’t we all just get along?

From an interesting discussion on the Level 8th Buddhist, someone posted this from the Zen Frog:

Those who recite Buddha’s name usually criticize those who investigate Ch’an and those who investigate Ch’an usually slander those who recite Buddha’s name. They seem to oppose each other like enemies. Some of them even wish that the others would die. This is a terrible thing to have happen in Buddhism. There is a saying which goes something like this: “A family in harmony will succeed in everything, whereas a family in decline is sure to argue. “With all of this fighting among brothers, it is no wonder that others laugh at us and look down at us.

Investigating Ch’an, reciting Buddha’s name, and other methods are all teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha. The original Path is not separate from these methods. It is only because of the different karmic roots and mentalities of sentient beings that different methods are taught. It is like giving different antidotes for different poisons. Later on, patriarchs divided Buddha’s teaching into different sects corresponding to different theories. Because the needs of people differ at different times, patriarchs propagated the Dharma in different ways.

If an individual practices a method that fits his character, then regardless of which Dharma door he uses, he can penetrate the Path. Actually, there are no superior and inferior Dharma doors. Furthermore, Dharma doors are interconnected. all are perfect and without obstruction. For example, when one recites the Buddha’s name to the point of one-mindedness, is this not investigating Ch’an? When one investigates Ch’an to the point of no separation between the investigator and that which is being investigated, is this not reciting the real characteristic of the Buddha? Ch’an is not other than the Ch’an within the Pure Land and Pure Land is not other than the Pure Land within Ch’an. Ch’an and pure Land are mutually enriching, and they function together.

Love it. Thanks to all concerned!


6 thoughts on “can’t we all just get along?

  1. Apparently, we can’t all just get along since the entire thread on the other blog has been deleted. In the future, I do not think that I am going to bother to even say anything since people aren’t interested in actual discussion.

    I’m no longer reading either blog. I’ll see you around, Dr. Scott.

  2. Whoa. What the…?

    Well, Al, since you’re no longer reading my blog, I guess posting this response is a little beside the point. Who knows if you’ll ever read it. But I’m going to respond anyway because I think it’s important to air these things out.

    First and foremost, while obviously I can not speak for the Level 8th Buddhist or any of the other folks who posted in that now deleted thread, I can tell you that I most emphatically am interested in actual discussion. If I wasn’t interested in actual discussion, I wouldn’t discus. I wouldn’t post comments on other people’s blogs, and I sure as hell wouldn’t let people post on mine.

    The fact that you are able to post here (and the real bona fide discussions you and I have had earlier) I think are testament to that fact.

    Second, I’m disheartened to see you go. I’ll say right up front here that I never intended to say anything so inflammatory that I would offend someone to never read my blog again. If I did say something that you found so reprehensible that you’re never going to read this, I offer my sincere apology. That wasn’t my intention. My intention was just to engage you in a dialogue about our particular takes on Buddhism. Guess it didn’t work.

    At any rate, if you ever do read this blog again, I hope you feel like you can express yourself. For the record, I only delete comments when they’re made by robots. I’ve been lucky enough so far to avoid flame wars or trolls or people who are just out to piss people off (racist, sexist, etc.) and I suppose I’d be inclined to delete those kinds of comments. Yours never have been those kinds of comments, not even close.

    I hope we do see each other around, Al. It’s always a pleasure talking.

    Take care.

  3. All right. I did check back because I don’t really want to burn bridges.

    If I misunderstood the tone of things (or your level of agreement with practices on other blogs), that was my mistake.

    I apologize for any hurt feelings there. That’s my fault, not yours. I will confess to being reactionary here.

    Please feel free to delete this thread as it doesn’t need to be here for all time.

    I’ll still be around.

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