updates and anxiety

kai dog (image by dana brooks mitchell)
So first, the good news (if we can call it that). I’ve done some more tinkering behind the scenes here at the new and improved version of this pretty shabby little blog. The “tinkering behind the scenes” are relevant to you (since you asked) only if you like reveling in geeky things like PHP scripts and AJAX.

If you do, scroll on down to the bottom of the page and you’ll notice a little drop-down menu that will allow you to change the layout of this place. There’s only a couple of options right now, one of which is a throwback to the last iteration of this blog for those who are feeling nostalgic. But I’m planning on adding more. On making my own personal CSS Zen Garden. Like I have that much time on my hands.

Secondly, I’ll be heading up to Portland next week for a work/personal trip. Over the next four or five days before I go, I’ve got a lot to do, and I’ve decided to take a little break from writing. Frankly, things have been stressing me out lately. When you spend as much time as I have recently tinkering with your blog, you tend to pull up all sorts of “old” post. Skeletons from the blog closet. I’m reminded of where this blog has come from, its many permutations, and sometimes I worry about its direction.

But this isn’t a real worry, I know. I’m only worrying about it right now because I’ve got so many other anxieties caused by things I have no control over that it somehow makes sense in my brain to worry about something I do have control over.

What anxieties, you might ask. (Go ahead, you may.) Once the giddy thrill of passing the Dissertation Defense wore off, the stark realization that in a couple of months I’ll officially no longer be A Student hit me. Which means I need to go out and get a full-time job. And start publishing like a mad man. And those nice folks who gave me all that money for school are probably going to want it back. In the middle of that ball of anxiety, Kai has come down with kennel cough, or so the vet said. How, you might ask (as I did) a dog who spends most of his time in an apartment with a cat and hasn’t seen another dog for any real length of time since Thanksgiving gets kennel cough, I have no idea. But he hasn’t gotten much better this week despite all the antibiotics and codeine-laced cough suppressants. So, I don’t know what to do about all that, but I think all I can do is take him back to the vet and hope for the best.

Anyway, those are the anxieties. So I think that before I head off to Portland for four days I need to get some Very Important Things crossed off my list of things to do. And writing long-winded blog posts everyday probably isn’t one of them. Which is a shame really, because I’ve seen so many interesting Buddhist bits out there over the past week or two that I really want to comment on. Ah well. All good things to those who wait?

Think good thoughts for the pooch, will ya?

UPDATE: despite all this anxiety, I got an email this morning letting me know that a paper of mine has been accepted for the International Association of Buddhist Studies conference this June in Atlanta. So there’s some good news! And the vet called yesterday and seems to think Kai’s experience side effects of the antibiotics. Not out of the woods yet, but side effects of pills are a fixable problem. (2/23/08)