pipe organs and buddhists

I was thinking of putting off posting anything for a while. What with Kai’s passing over the weekend and a stack of projects I’d been putting off while dealing with his illness all suddenly due, screwing around on the web seems somehow less important.

But, this morning, I was looking over my Google Analytics and seeing how this site’s doing, who’s searching for what and linking to me, that sort of thing. And I came across this lovely little video on YouTube.

It’s a pipe organ in a Hawai’ian Shin Buddhist temple, which is pretty cool, and the poster has linked to my paper on Shin Buddhist gathas in the “About this video” section. Hm. Neat.

Anyway, thought I’d share this and toot my own horn a bit.

One thought on “pipe organs and buddhists

  1. Darn, I was hoping he would play “The Nembutsu” so that I could plug my own video of me playing in church!

    Personally, I love Hammond Organs. They are electronic, and were used by jazz organists like Jimmy Smith and rock bands like Deep Purple, ELP, and the Allman Brothers. Unfortunately, my church sold theirs a while ago and we just have a cheesy replacement. But they are very hard to maintain, so maybe it’s for the better. The best part is the Leslie rotating speaker – the speakers actually spin inside the cabinet!

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