the Dissertation is done!

I have finally completed the dissertation, all the necessary revisions, and will, this afternoon, take it up to school, drop it off with the academic secretary, get the last required signatures for graduation, and be, by all accounts, Done. Phinished, to borrow a phrase.

Because some folks have expressed interest in reading my work, I’ve posted it to my academic papers page. Feel free to download and read and cite to your heart’s content.

But be forewarned! A dissertation (as this guy will tell you) is a curious genre because it necessarily has an extremely limited audience of, in this case, three. But I sort of disagree. I knew I had a limited audience, but I tried my best to write something other people would be interested in, and I have a pretty firm belief that my ideas have a relevance beyond my committee, beyond the narrow field of American Buddhist Studies.

And if you don’t have the energy to read the dissertation in this form, stick around. I’m already in the process of revising it for publication for a more a general audience.

The fun never stops!


2 thoughts on “the Dissertation is done!

  1. Update! And just today, I filed the Dissertation with the school, so it’s really officially done done DONE! In a month, they’ll even hand me a diploma. Woohoo!

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