dharmarealm update

Rev. Harry and I have recorded and released the next episode of our podcast, the DharmaRealm. And the topic this month is American Buddhism…. or Buddhism in America. I can never keep them straight.

Listen this-a-way. We’re also on iTunes and just for good measure, we made a Facebook page.

Also, check out Harry’s new blog, the Nenju.

Also also, this episode is a two-parter. Part one is up now, and part two will be live sometime in the next week or so.



4 thoughts on “dharmarealm update

  1. I am lovin’ on these podcasts. Just had to say. I am also APPLYING TO GTU next fall, so pleasepleaseplease spare me a bit of time to pick your brain about the place!

  2. Hey, glad you’re enjoying the podcast and glad to see you’re still around. Hope life’s treating you alright.

    Also glad to hear you’ll be heading West! Happy to have my brain picked, just let me know.


  3. Oh good! I love overly-long-senior-year-angst-emails! (And I’m serious, no sarcasm.)

    The only real difference between Common M.A. and IBS-only M.A. is that the IBS is not accredited by itself. It’s only accredited through the GTU. So the Common M.A. is, uh, well, more accredited. If that’s something that’s important to you.

    Bring on the email!

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