this has been an especially weird week. i’ve spent a good amount of time coding. which is always something of a brain-melting experience. yesterday, i spent five working one simple script that ultimately failed. so i gave up and went back to my original version which, while not doing all the cool things i want it do, works. and working is better than not working. at any rate, staring at a computer for that long does things to you. and one of them is that it gets you promoted.

sort of. my advisor-cum-boss poked his head into my office and asked if i’d checked out a book he recommended for my dissertation-cum-published-book. i said i was going to as soon as i figured out how to get library privileges back. he said he’d make me an adjunct faculty member to get library privileges. so. uh, sweet. i’m an adjunct faculty member. though i don’t think that means anything other than the fact that i can check books out from the library again. no small thing, of course. they got a lot of books up there i really like.

moving rapidly along. you read that right. dissertation-cum-book. i don’t even have my diploma yet and already i’m working on publishing the damned thing. which i think will be fabulous. (getting something published, that is. i’m feeling less fabulous about the book itself.) but there’s a lot of work to be done.

it’s been a busy week for us all, really. dana actually got a big fat promotion which is awesome. but of course that means harder work. which isn’t terrible but it makes the weeks long and frantic as i’m sure she’ll tell you. and i wish i always had the right words at my disposal to boost her up, get her shoulder down from their tension-position up around her ears, crack a smile, anything. sometimes i’m better than others. especially when i’m not all stressed out myself. sheesh.

oh, and my mom’s having an art sale. you should buy her stuff. and if you can’t afford to buy art, you should rethink your priorities. and if you’ve already re-thunk your priorities, you should let your rich relatives know that they should rethink their priorities and buy my mom’s art.

and what the hell happened to my capital letters?

in the middle of all this, harry went to amoeba records the other day and took some stuff in for me. i got twenty-bucks in amoeba credit that i just spent this afternoon. it’s been far too long since i’ve been in a real, bona-fide, bricks and mortar music store. i really ought to do more record shopping. i got lost in their jazz section for a while, but the oscar peterson and dave brubeck records that were interesting look at bit too worn. i eventually settled on a yo la tengo cd (of course) and 12″ of remixes from thom yorke’s solo album. can’t wait to get home.

you know, despite the lack of capital letters, despite the random collection of thoughts, i really thought this post was going somewhere. i really thought i had a point. but i don’t think do. i don’t think i ever did, so i’m going to sign off. for now. we’re getting awfully close to the big important 300th blog post. so i gotta think of something good to mark that arbitrary milestone.