shameless promotion

I think it is safe to say that usually, when we have a meal in front of us, we can’t wait to dig in, to satisfy our hunger. We don’t care where the food came from, no time for that, it’s time to eat! “Itadakimasu” is a chance to stop and reflect on all the causes and conditions that made this meal possible. Not only did someone have to prepare the food, but all the ingredients needed to be manufactured, distributed and sold, so everything from the plants and animals that produced the ingredients to all of the people that harvested, collected, packaged, delivered, and sold had a part in this meal.

This is pretty much why I so enjoy working with Harry on the DharmaRealm podcast. The above quote is from his new blog, the Nenju. I think he’s doing great stuff over there, even if this sounds a little too much like a commercial. But what the hell? We need to promote stuff to get it out there. Little links all over the place the Google-bots can crawl and before you know, Harry and I will take over the world!

Wait. What? Was that out loud?