it took the Simpsons 13 years to hit 300

It is time to officially Change the Subject. And I’m going to do that by talking, unapologetically, about Me.

This post (that’s right, this one, the one you’re reading right now) is the 300th post I’ve made here on my pretty shabby little blog. And even though it’s a bit early to bring it up, as of next month, I’ll have been blogging here for five years. I’m feeling somewhat reflective, nostalgic even, about this made-up achievement. I’m feeling this way, in part, because this week is also graduation. There’s several ceremonies and social events I’ve got lined up this week to celebrate that actual achievement; and I think getting my doctorate and reflecting on eight years as a graduate student and that whole Transitional Thing is influencing the way I’m feeling about this little blog here.

And so I decided I’d write a post dedicated to the 300th entry and the nearing five year mark while I’m in this nostalgic mood. And I thought the best way to reflect on all that I’ve written (and by extension, experienced) over the past five years is to actually go back and read some of this stuff.

So, for your (or really my) enjoyment, here’s a long list of posts I really happen to like. That I think sum up our time here pretty well. Annotated for your convenience. Enjoy!

Not altogether different This was one of my very first posts about my experience teaching at San Quentin.

time Stuck in an office reflecting on time.

for rent The big move out of the crappy basement apartment.

murderers and thieves Another summer, another class at San Quentin.

the anti-holiday message Your host is moved by Charlie Brown.

tattoo with dog An icon is born.

Kafka Maybe sex with me really is a Kafka-esque experience. But in a good way.

Camp: a status report Remember when I had to go camp every summer? Remember how it always changes people?

thank you And then I found her.

the world shouldn’t be like this All the beautiful things, all the terrible things, it’s all worth fighting for.

chanting And then things took a dramatic change for the better.

Eight Things: meme meme meme Get to know your host just a little bit better.

Dharma Family Values reviewed Sometimes I write some pretty sharp stuff. And sometimes people notice.

the oral defense dj buddha is magically transformed into Dr. Scott.

you shouldn’t be afraid And sometimes I write pretty sharp stuff about music.

Kai And the mascot passed.

title And sometimes things around here are just plain weird.


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  1. Greetings, Doctor-

    Thank you for the comment the other day- My fellow Dharmafolk blogger and partner in crime arunlikhati turned me onto the podcast and it has been a great joy and a major inspiration.

    Congrats on 300! Thanks for giving a list of your favorites.

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