that’s it! i quit!

I thought that might get your attention.

I know that I promised more entries in my last post. Instead, I wrote a lengthy endorsement of Barack Obama. And today I’ve done some behind-the-scenes tinkering here at the buddha is my dj.

For starters, I’ve removed the Google ads. They were subtle, I thought, and wildly unprofitable. In the year or so I’ve had ads on this site, I made exactly $3.98. Not even enough to buy a gallon of gas. Coupled with this wildly unsuccessful ad-campaign, over the last day or two I’ve noticed ads for John McCain. And then one for a Scientology seminar. So. That’s the end of that.

Secondly, and probably more importantly, I have broken up the old page of academic papers into a series of individual blogs posts. They’re categorized as academic papers and include my dissertation as well as all the conference papers I’ve presented over the past few years. Enjoy!

Lastly, I wanted to announce that I’m taking this blog in a slightly different, or at least more focused, direction. A few posts I’ve made in the past couple of months I felt were pretty indicative not only of my particular Buddhist perspective on things, but also of my scholarly skills. While I enjoy the occasional rant, non sequitur, and overly-revealing bio-pieces (not to mention YouTube clips of Eddie Izzard skits acted out by Lego figures), worlds seem to be colliding. As I make the transition from graduate student to full-fledged professional academic, a little decorum may be in order (with the occasional Lego skit thrown in when appropriate).

But, and much more to the point, the truth of the matter is that I really wanna to talk about the Buddha. I really want to explore Buddhist thought and practice and the intersection of the scholarly world and the rest of us. These two spheres, popular understandings and practices on the one hand and high-falutin theorists on the other, have something to say to one another, and I want to use this space, in part, to explore that. Or, at the very least, demonstrate how it can be done.

Part of the inspiration for this slight change and re-focus is no doubt the result of the work I’m doing with Rev. Harry over in the DharmaRealm. Our conversations always get my mind going, thinking about things I haven’t fully articulated even to myself, and bringing up topics and issues and ideas that I didn’t even realize I was interested in. What better place to explore all the things Harry and I couldn’t possibly touch than here?

So, that’s the update for today. Expect more thought-out pieces in the weeks ahead. And don’t fear the footnotes!


4 thoughts on “that’s it! i quit!

  1. I certainly hope you don’t need saving from me; but remember, the gods aren’t interested in saving any of us. They’ve got their own problems!

    I’m quite comfortable reclaiming decorum. Decorum (etiquette, general modes of politeness) certainly doesn’t preclude me from being honest and critical, from expressing myself as I am, and, most importantly, raging against the machine.

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