May the Great Bird of the Galaxy bless your planet

I know I know. I was going to write entries that had more depth, more indicative of my skills as a scholar. But, today of all days, I think we need to acknowledge love.

The wedding stamped is on out here in California as thousands and thousands of gay and lesbian couples rush to their local county-clerk’s office to tie the knot! Oh, wait. Did I say thousands? It’s really more like hundreds. Which is sort of the point after all. For all the hand-wringing people have about what this abomination is going to do to good-old-fashioned straight weddings, it’s actually been pretty quite around here. I mean, how boisterous can an eighty-year-old lesbian couple really get, after all?

But the thing that really brought a smile to my face was this image:
George Takei wedding (borrowed image)
It’s George Takei. Getting a marriage license for him and his partner Brad Altman. The bottom line here people is that if it’s good enough for Lt. Sulu, it’s good enough for America. (I’ve been giving Star Wars a lot of press lately. I thought it’d be good balance out the franchises a bit.)

So, without falling into political commentary, let me simply wish all the newlyweds health, happiness, and prosperity in their lives together!

(Whoever can tell me where this post’s title comes from, by the way, wins bonus geek points!)