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It is an election year. And all eyes are on this historic contest — which has reached epic, mythic proportions — between Sens. Obama and McCain.

But there’s other stuff happening. Let’s not forget that no matter how powerful the Executive Branch makes itself, local politics still matter. And also let’s not forget that the ability for any real change to happen will be due in part to what happens in Congressional elections. And of course let’s not forget that in the state of California, we’re going to have to defend what the courts recently, and rightly, put into law.

So I’ve written a long meandering tirade about these issues over on the general election page. Enjoy!

And since I’ve brought up Sen. Obama, I supposed I ought to say something about the recent flack and disappointment people are feeling about his recent “move to the center.” I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it till I’m blue in the face — no matter how idealized we’ve made our man out to be, he is still a politician. And worse, a human being. Which means he isn’t perfect and he is necessarily going to do things that we don’t like. This election, like every election I’ve voted in, is between two centrists who are pro-capitalism. Their rhetoric often obscures that.

I still stand by my endorsement. It’s the system we’ve got and I’ll take Obama’s centrism over McCain’s any day. I simply urge my fellow leftists to remember the following three things over the next couple of months: (1) Obama has never been the most liberal member of the Senate, not by a long shot, this is just a talking point perpetuated by the right to freak people out; (2) disappointment comes from reality falling short of our expectations, so any disappointment we may feel about Obama’s “move to the center” is because we failed to have a realistic opinion of him during the primary and allowed ourselves to ignore his always centrist stand on issues in favor of our idealistic notions that he will be a Perfect Angel of Change; and (3) he must win in November.

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  1. I care less about his “move to the center” than I do about his vote on immunity for telcos for the wiretapping that went against the leadership of his own party. If they could vote against the bill as politicians, there is no real reason he couldn’t have done the same. I expect to hold my nose and vote for him but he’s just another politician to me (and this isn’t the only reason) now.

  2. I agree, Al. But like I said before and I’ll say again, he was always “just another politician.”

    As far as I’m concerned, my ideal presidential candidate could never win a general election. I’ll be holding my nose with you, just like I did in 2004, 2000, 1996…. sigh…

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