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The crux of the issue is that Tricycle touts itself as the “voice” of Buddhism in the West. But it represents but a slice of all the voices in American Buddhism. I think that’s a fair criticism. I’ve been harsh (perhaps unnecessarily so) of Tricycle in some past posts here and comments on others’ blogs. But I think my criticisms are valid. They’ve got a history of catering to the “mainstream,” the mainstream in this case being liberal white Buddhists. And liberal white Buddhists don’t make up the majority of American Buddhists. Even if you listen to the Pew Report, they only make up 53% of the American Buddhist population, and we all know how that Report is wrong, wrong, wrong.


So. The Olympics. They’re out there. Eating up all the news media’s attention. Causing a rash of bloggers to comment on things that they probably don’t know a whole helluva lot about. The Chinese are being secretive, lying, cheating, totalitarian bastards. The news media’s letting it slide. Beach volleyballers are asking Bush to smack their asses. The whole world’s coming apart.