Let’s take a break from politics for a second and talk about me! (Your sarcasm meeter ought to be going off here.)

I realized on the way to the office this morning that I haven’t mentioned Harry’s and my podcast in a while. We took a break over the summer but released two new episodes (and a short video) in September. Yesterday we met again to record the next couple of episodes. If I can toot my own horn here, I’m feeling like the show is starting to come together in a pretty good way.

One of the things we’re trying out is responding to listener questions. Someone posted a question to the Facebook page, and Harry tells me that people ask him questions for the show all the time. So we’re going to give it a whirl and incorporate listener questions into the podcast. Not sure yet if it’ll be a whole show dedicated to one question, or if it’ll be part of an episode where we read listener mail, so to speak — that will all depend on the questions we get, I suppose.

At any rate, check out the podcast and if you’ve got a Buddhist question burning your brain, drop us a line.

Okay. I’m done with the advertising. For now. (I suddenly feel the urge to say, “I’m Scott Mitchell, and I approve this message!”)