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update: buddhism by the numbers

In the comments of my last post about Tricycle, I mentioned that the illustrious Buddhist magazine didn’t publish other critical letters. In particular, they didn’t publish the following letter of BCA minister Ryo Imamura. Charles Prebish published it, though, in an article in the academic journal Buddhist Studies Review. The letter, written in 1992, is in response to then-editor Helen Tworkov’s statement that “… Asian-American Buddhists… have not figured prominently in the development of something called American Buddhism.”

buddhism by the numbers?

I wanted to share with my loyal readers a letter to the editor I’ve sent off to Tricycle. I’m sharing it for a couple of reasons. First, I don’t think they’ll publish it. And second, I think my point needs to be out there as much as possible, spread far and wide across the buddhoblogsphere, because I think I’m right. I know that sounds awfully egotistical of me; but when it comes to this issue, to hell with being a “good Buddhist.”

i feel gross.

Palin provides McCain a way to avoid actually talking about his policy plans for the country. Palin provides the media with a distraction so that, once again, the American people can vote based on ridiculous non-issues like “values” and “patriotism” and sound bites and a slew of bull shit and nothing will ever change. And if, god forbid, it works, if McCain is elected, I guarantee that come November 6th, something will happen to her, she’ll be indicted for fraud in her home state of Alaska or her “working-class” husband will be eaten by a bear (or shot in the face by Cheny), and McCain will “be forced” to appoint someone else to be vice president. Mark my words.