two weeks to go

It’s Monday, 20th October. And I mailed off my absentee ballot today. It’s been a pretty momentous few weeks — hell, it’s been a pretty momentous two years. And I’ve been wrestling with a few ideas for some good posts over the last couple of days. But nothing’s stuck. Mostly, it comes out angry because, well, small-minded, racist innuendos usually get the ol’ blood boiling.

Blog Action Day: Poverty

blog action day (borrowed image)

I would like to pose the semi-rhetorical question: why are we so attached to this idea of “self-reliance,” of people overcoming adversity to lift themselves out of poverty (trickle-down economics) rather than the radical notion that I am my brother’s/sister’s keeper and ought to help lift them up, out of sheer, unadulterated compassion?

on erratic & maverick

I went to the Cal library today to get some books for a class I’m teaching. Along the way, for the first time, ever I think, I really felt like a professor. (Which is a little weird since I’ve been teaching now for almost two years.) I’m thinking it had something to do with the students. I kept thinking about how much separated me from them, and how that rift is growing, steadily, by the day.

i told ya buddhism is a religion

Some woman is suing Prudential Insurance for “forcing” her to participate in the “religious practices” of Buddhism (and Hinduism, though the lawyers can’t seem to keep the two separate). Basically, some idiot in management picked up Nancy Spears’ Buddha: 9 to 5 and thought it would be a good idea to make all of his employees sit around meditating and chanting the sacred syllable (ॐ if you haven’t been paying attention).

This can’t end well.