buddhaworld redux

buddha logo (copyleft by me)

As many of you know, this site, many many moons ago, used to be over at a little url called buddha-world.org. At some point around Christmas of 2004, I split off all of my personal ramblings into a separate blog y’all have come to know and love as the buddha is my dj. My original intent was to make the Buddhaworld site something of a stand-alone resource, or a more “professional” version of my online self. It went through a couple of iterations, and then I turned it into my online portfolio, and then entropy got its hands on it. At the end of the day, mostly it just sat around collecting virtual dust as my interest were distracted by keeping up this blog, writing a dissertation, and, you know, living my life and all that.

Neverthless, a few months ago, I decided to resurrect the old site and make it what it was supposed to be back in the beginning — a resource for Buddhist stuff. A place where you could find reliable information about Buddhism on the web. A place where you could meet and talk with other like-minded people. So I threw together a hastily made UI, the world’s least-complicated database, some quick-and-dirty Photoshoped icons, another nascent blog and even a forum, and voilà! Buddhaworld’s back!

I will do my best to add more stuff to the site with all my infinite free time. If you’d like to contribute, there’s instructions on the site.

Oh, and I though, what the hell. Let’s see if I can make a forum. I’ve never used E-Sangha, but from what I’ve read online about E-Sangha, it sounds like I wouldn’t want to. Maybe some other nay-sayers like me will show up to the Buddhaworld forum.