obligatory electioneering post

Okay. Here it is. November 4th. Two-thousand eight. History. The War the for the White House is here. Millions of homophobes squaring off against millions more gay and straight friends. By any and all accounts, this time tomorrow could be Armageddon.

Or something.

To take a little side-step away from electioneering for a bit — Dana and I just returned from the Windy City late last night. (Was supposed to be mid-afternoon, but apparently San Francisco threw us a welcome-home rain storm that delayed all incoming flights. Thanks for that.) Some combination of not sleeping much, the time change, and crossing two time zones has really messed up my internal clock. I’m not at all sure what time it is right now. And the reality of All The Things I Have To Do This Week is slowly creeping back up to me.

But what I’d like to say is how wonderful it was to be in Chicago. Specifically, how wonderful it was to be unplugged. I forgot my cell phone. And our hotel charged too much for WiFi. So we were thoroughly detached from electoral politics for three days. How lovely.

And more lovely was Chicago. Chicago is a very cool city. Though one-too-many movies (and their accompanying theme songs) kept running through my head all weekend.

And the paper I presented went well. I think (and Dana thinks) really well. But we’re a little a biased in that regard.

At any rate, back to today. It’s Election Day. And I’ve already voted (one good way to avoid the problem of electronic voting machines is to vote by mail and deliver your ballot in person to the registrar of voters.) So I’m going to go to Best Buy (for work and pleasure) and try not to think too much about the election (and certainly fail) until this evening when it’s time for a little Jon Stewart and then off to a friend’s election night shin-dig and hopefully several reasons to celebrate rather than just one.

On that note, let me reiterate that the importance of this election is not merely the presidential race. But it’s also the ballot measures and the Congressional seats and the local elections.

And in California, it’ll be a bittersweet evening for me if Obama wins and, all at once, Props 4 or 8 pass. Don’t know how I’ll react to that.

Then again, I don’t know how I’ll react if all three go my way. What will I have to bitch about on the Internet?

Or right. Poverty. And injustice. And violence against the least among us. None of those will magically go away Wednesday morning. There will still be much work to do.

Go out and vote (if you haven’t already). Because that’s the first step on this long journey.

One thought on “obligatory electioneering post

  1. Welcome back! We’ll be up late here as well watching all of the returns. There is so much at stake this year nationally and at various state levels.

    I mentioned this on my blog yesterday too, while I know how I want things to turns out, I just hope we all can remember the bigger picture and not have a lot of negativity or fighting over the results.

    I think I said it better in my blog post, but you get the idea.

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