anecdotes and evidence

“The well-known quip in social scientific circles, “the plural of anecdote is not data,” should caution non-social scientists against generalizing about North American Buddhists based on minimal, unsystematic, or no actual fieldwork. In my mind, insistence on empirical grounding would be the most significant social scientific contribution to an interdisciplinary field of study on this this topic, especially when dealing with questions about Buddhist identity and organizational dynamics.”

hawking buddhism

I’ve been reading a book lately called Selling Spirituality: the Silent Takeover of Religion by Jeremy Carrette and Richard King. I’m reading it to help collect my thoughts about a piece I’m working on about Buddhism and pop-culture, the commodification of Buddhism, and how Dharma Burgers will ultimately destroy Buddhism and take down the whole world in the process. (That’s about 75% hyperbole, by the way.)

Buddhism without Borders

Buddhism without Borders: Contemporary Developments in Buddhism in the West Keynote Speaker: Thomas A. Tweed The Institute of Buddhist Studies is pleased to announce the “Buddhism without Borders” conference and seeks papers that offer new, critical, and creative approaches to the study of Buddhism in the West, understood as part of a larger global religious […]

2009 AAR Annual Meeting

This year’s American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting is being held in Montréal, Quebec, Canada, from November 7th through the 10th, 2009. The paper I had submitted to this conference was summarily rejected — either because it was trumped by a panel proposal that was more apropos to the area or because my ideas have […]

a multiyana perspective

At the risk of being permanently labeled “that guy who does nothing but bitch about what’s wrong with everyone else’s approach to Buddhism but rarely advances his own cogent ideas or practical solutions,” allow me to explain what I think multiyana would mean and how it could be put into practice and why I think it’s important or worth talking about in some sort of general way.