2009 AAR Annual Meeting

This year’s American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting is being held in Montréal, Quebec, Canada, from November 7th through the 10th, 2009.

The paper I had submitted to this conference was summarily rejected — either because it was trumped by a panel proposal that was more apropos to the area or because my ideas have no academic merit, depending on who you ask (I think it’s the former, by the way) — but a draft has been accepted for journal publication (more on that later). So I may or may not attend. I likely will, in part because I enjoy the AAR, I enjoy seeing old friends and colleagues, and I like seeing what’s on other people’s minds. But it’s in Montréal which is a bit of a trek. We’ll see how things are, personally and professionally, before the registration deadline.

Speaking of, advanced registration (and the discount that comes with it) ends September 15th.

If you’re interested in the academic study of religion, if you’re interested in the academic study of Buddhism, if you’re interested in seeing Canada (I hear it’s a lovely city), or if I end up going and you’re interested in meeting for a cup of coffee or tea or beer or whatever the drink of choice is up in Canadia, I highly recommend attending.

All your AAR Annual Meeting info and news can be found at the AAR website.