a big hearty thank you

You’re a technologically savvy bunch, I must say.

I mentioned somewhat in passing a few posts back that I installed Google Analytics on this site to see how much traffic I’m actually getting. According to those stats, 50% of you are using Firefox (I know at least one user who will be happy to see that) and only a paltry 25% are using some version of Internet Explorer. Which means three quarters of you are viewing this page with a non-IE browser, including Opera and Chrome for cryin’ out loud! Good for you.

I also see that the vast majority of you are viewing this page on computers with gigantic monitors and nearly two-thirds of you have DLS, Cable, or even freakin’ T1 connections. Holly moly.

But the real thing I wanted to call your attention to is that I can tell that I have a somewhat small but loyal readership. You’re pretty quiet, most days, which I can chalk up to me not being controversial enough to warrant fifty million comments on each post. (That’s probably a good thing.) So I’ll go ahead and keep believing that as you’re reading this blog you’re quietly nodding your head in approval, mumbling, “Yes!” to yourself and trying not to draw too much attention from your office-mates, to whom perhaps you haven’t yet come out as Buddhists.

There also seems to be a significant number of you who stumbled about this blog while searching for Buddhist tattoos. But then you quickly leave without sticking around much. If I might be so brash, we do indeed have some Buddhist tattoos around here; but I’d encourage you to stick around regardless of their relatively small number. There may be something else that piques your interest here. (Can I offer you something in the way of a Dharma Burger?)

After all, that handful of loyal but quiet readers can’t all be wrong.

Speaking of my loyal but quiet readers — and here we get to the point already — I wanted to let folks know that I may be a bit quiet over the next week or two. I spent entirely too much time this week tinkering around with a new layout for the blog, but now I’m not so sure I want to change it after all. But, more to the point, being distracted as I was has caused me to fall a bit behind in some of the things that I should be working on. I probably won’t be gone long. I almost never am. And I’ve got plenty to comment on from recent conversations as well as whole new topics (anyone care to join me in starting a Big Chant, a la Trike’s ongoing Big Sit?). But, all the same, pardon the absence.

In the mean time, I highly recommend checking out the DharmaRealm if you’re not already a listener. Harry and I have been getting into some good juicy bits lately; and coming up in next week’s episode we’re going to talk about what can only be described as “street Buddhism.”

Spring has rolled around again. We’re getting some much needed rain in these parts. And before you know it, the semester will be over, all the college kids will skip town, and maybe yours truly will have some time to write that book he’s been wanting to get out.

A big hearty thank you to my loyal but quiet fan base.

3 thoughts on “a big hearty thank you

  1. For what it’s worth, I ended up leaving a comment on a linked post.

    It’s funny that you mentioned people coming here looking for Buddhist tattoos. I have a couple of large tattoos, one of which is about my struggles to hear the Amida’s Light, but I don’t think I knew you had anything about tattoos here.

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