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In today’s installment of shameless self-promotion, first I give you a new episode of the DharmaRealm. This one is another answer to another listener question about ordination in Shin Buddhism. Harry and I, of course, meander though the whole of Buddhist history before getting to Shinran’s scandalous decision to get married and be neither monk nor lay. And somewhere in there I say something that is almost sure to come back and bite me in the butt at some point in the future. But then again, when have I been one to shy away from controversy? (I hope I never decide to run for president. As this guy points out (hat tip to Al for this one), using my real name on the Internet is almost sure to come back to haunt me.)

Item the second is a new video on the IBS’s podcast. It’s not, strictly speaking, a lecture or Dharma talk or whatever; truth be told, it’s a promotional video. It’s asking you to become a student. But that’s not really a bad thing. We do good work around here, damn it, and you should be a student. I stuck the video directly on the IBS homepage, but you can also see it over in the podcast.

Oh, and speaking of the podcast, I finally got around to uploading video from that lecture on compassionate violence I blogged about a couple of months ago. So check that one out, too. It’s a bit on the long side (I divided the lecture into three parts), but well worth it.

See. I’m not just spending all my time arguing with people on the Internet. I do some work, too.

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  1. work, indeed- why, you are quite prolific in your recent endeavors! Some fabulous local institution of higher learning should offer you TT, immediately- screw the across-the-board hiring freeze!!

    well, it SHOULD.

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