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It’s been something of a weird week in my little corner of the world, my dear readers, my loyal but quiet fan base. For starters, I am between classes. I have (had) just shy of five weeks (now three) to accomplish things I’d hope to accomplish over three months but was delated due to the Great Hard Drive Crash of 2009. So I’m trying my best to be Productive and avoid the morass that is the Internet as much as possible. Except on the weekends when I don’t have to feel guilty, which was when I wrote two of my last three blog posts and then scheduled them to just auto-post at convenient intervals. And then my lovely and talented wife went back to work which meant a business trip to New Jersey (the Garden State) for three days. I don’t sleep well when she’s gone. I’m a ritualist. And when my rituals are all screwed up, my sleep habits get all thrown out of whack. So, here we are at four o’clock on a Friday afternoon, and I’m exhausted.

To make matters worse, and to meander away from that litany of Too Much Information, I got sucked into the following list of Things to Think About on a Friday Afternoon If You Want to Get Rid of Your Sunny Disposition.

First there’s this evidence that living in “post-racial America” is much the same as living in racial America. (I can hear my tenth grade history teacher chanting “the more things change” in my head right now.)

Then there’s a trio of articles about how (a) gay is not the new black and black folks did not cause the passage of Proposition 8, so stop blaming them; (b) the gay marriage movement may be important but, for Christ’s sake, so are the concerns of less-privileged queer folks that you’re disenfranchising; and (c) my god why would you let this motherfucker on your show Rachel?!

Oh, and in case all that’s not bad enough, we’re all going to die. Soon.

As my lovely and talented wife will attest, I have a very slight case of hypochondria. So when I stumbled across this piece on how meditation can cure migraines (don’t even get me started on that one) and then read all about migraines over at the Mayo Clinic, I started freaking out that I was getting one. I actually do suffer from migraines, on occasion, which is why it’s a slight case of hypochondria. But it’s still hypochondria. When I was in fourth grade, I was convinced that I was going to get scurvy because I never ate oranges. (I can’t believe I just confessed that to the general public.)

And finally — yes, finally — I read this piece (don’t even get me started on the underlying classism in this one) which, like my puerile fear of scurvy, now has me convinced that my lovely and talented wife is going to leave me. Unless we’re both “builders” or something. Whatever that means.

On the other hand, there’s always this.

It’s not understatement that I might need a little pick-me-up, some little ray of hope in this midst of all this bleakness. Jon Stewart discovering a site that thinks Lindsey Graham looks like an old lesbian sort of helps. The joke itself is not the hopeful part. (I’m not at all sure how I feel about even the concept of that site.) The hopeful part is that there’s someone out there with the clout and depth of influence such as Jon Stewart using his influence to make pointed and shrewd commentary on what the hell’s wrong with the world. It’s a start.

And certainly I’m bolstered by what folks like these, writing both pertinent commentary and reminders that backyard gardens sometimes grow tomatoes that taste like tomatoes (ours, sadly, did not). That’s an encouraging thought.

And speaking of backyards, there’s always this, the view from our own back-pattio.

double rainbow over oakland; original image by me

And if that doesn’t do the trick, if I do get sucked back into the vortex, the morass of the Internet, I hope to get sucked back to 1979.

On that note, I’m signing off, meeting some friends for a beer, getting some dinner, feeding some cats, picking up my lovely and talented wife from the airport, and getting down to the business of doing whatever is in my power to make this a better world.

Here’s to your own efforts at the same.

2 thoughts on “this week’s digest

  1. Love the Simmphonic link! And the picture from your backyard, wow. I can relate to being overwhelmed with bad news. I’m seriously considering unplugging myself from Twitter (or at least cutting back) for this very reason. There’s something about the format that seems to delight in scandal, gossip, and worthless misery. Or maybe it’s just the folks I’m following (present company excluded). I don’t want to put my head in the sand, but sometimes it’s just too much.

  2. @ Claudia_m: I know what you mean about Twitter. When I first joined, I followed dozens of people. It was too much. Pages and pages of chatter. I find myself very selective now about whom I choose to follow and do my best not to engage too much with people unless I know them personally. Add to that my sometimes-probably-not-healthy-obsession with engaging people on blogs, and I’m likely to get an ulcer — or end up like this guy:

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