the carrousel started, and I watched her go around and around

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A confluence of thoughts came to me last night while I was laying bed, staring at the ceiling and unable to sleep. I started thinking about that endlessly fascinating conversation we’re having about karma. And Claudia’s comment about samsara got lodged in my head.

Samsara, that endless cycle of birth and death and birth and death. I’m not one prone to conceptualizing samsara in metaphorical ways, psychologizing it as merely symbolic of one’s inner states of mind. (Boy, that’s a post for a while different day!) But I started thinking of that “endless” bit, of that ceaseless cycling implicit in the round of rebirth, a terrible merry-go-round of suffering that we’re trapped on, that we are seemingly unable to extricate ourselves from.

And I thought of something else Claudia said, something about being overwhelmed, sucked into, the Twitterverse. And I thought of my own online shenanigans, my obsessive desires to post post post, to read everything out there, to somehow be aware of everything happening. To add my two cents.

Meanwhile, there’s this whole life I’ve got to live out here in the real world, a host of activities that fill my life with meaning, with joy.

Like I said, I’m not one to over-analyse samsara in metaphorical ways. So I’ll leave you to connect the dots up there. As for me, riding my bike to the Institute this morning through Bay Area morning fog, some thoughts I’ve had on an upcoming paper became clear. And if my fingers grow weary from all this typing, let it be from that paper and not updating my status!

3 thoughts on “the carrousel started, and I watched her go around and around

  1. maaan, just yesterday I was searching for a good bhavachakra pic to put near my post… and this one is stupendous, can I use it?
    Samsara and karma can be funny sometimes.

  2. @ Vasile: feel free. I have no idea where I found it originally, but I’m sure I came across it in a run-of-the-mill Google image search.

  3. I had a similarly clarifying experience sweeping out the dust and junk in my garage yesterday. It took me almost an hour but I got more mental “work” done than I ever do when I’m commenting on Facebook.

    Thanks for posting the Samsara link, by the way. And how lovely it must be to ride your bike to work!

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