new digs

I’ve been mulling over the design of this blog for a few weeks now, maybe even months. Part of the reason is that this site is something of my hobby, so tinkering is in order. But over the last couple of weeks, thinking more about the “big picture” issues of my life, work, career, future, whatever — well, sometimes it helps to rearrange the furniture.

To whit. Welcome to the fourth incarnation of the buddha is my dj. I wanted to maintain the simple design that highlights the writing (it is a blog after all); but I also wanted to highlight some of my many projects — the podcast, the Buddhaworld directory, academic stuff — stuff that gets lost in the shuffle of a traditional blog where only the most recent posts show up on the front page.

So that’s the challenge in web-design. Balancing often conflicting needs. Form following function and all that. And then over the weekend I happened upon a site whose design gave me some inspiration, so I decided to go ahead and make the change.

I think I’ve found all the bugs, but there’s sure to be some that I’ve missed. Let me know if this whole thing crashes terribly under its own weight (or your browser/platform). I’m planning on tinkering with it a bit over the next few days, and will probably launch a mobile version of it as well. (According to Google Analytics, some of you are using mobile devices to access the site or you’re using a Mac 128K. Tiny little screens!) So keep an eye out for that.

And now, without further ado, back to the blogging shenanigans!

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