the buddha at the met

Last weekend, Dana and I took a too-short trip to New York. We were in town for just over thirty-six hours which is not nearly enough time to see or do everything. But we did go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art which, for those of you who’ve never been, is overwhelming. We could have easily spent a week there, but focused mostly on modern art and Impressionists before I dragged Dana clear across the museum to see the Asian art. Each room, around each corner were more unexpected treasures, and while it would have been great to spend more time looking at the Japanese mandalas on display, by that time we were pretty exhausted and way past hungry for lunch. But we did manage to get some very cool pictures, a few of which I thought I would share below.

If you’re in New York, get thee to the museum!

A Ming Dynasty sculpture of Zen Patriarch Bodhidharma

The Medicine Buddha and his retinue from a central-China cave painting

An unidentified bodhisattva from a temple complex in central China

amida buddha from Japan


3 thoughts on “the buddha at the met

  1. Wow, very cool. Which buddha is that in the bottom photo? Just curious. 🙂

    Recently went to the Louvre in Paris, and I know the feeling of being overwhelmed. A really big museum like that cannot be seen in a day. It takes a week to really take everything in.

  2. I’m fairly the certain that last Buddha is Amida from Japan. But, honestly, by this point in our visit we were more than a little tired/hungry, and had long abandoned the habit of taking pictures of accompanying text of art pieces. So I could be wrong!

    Thanks for the comments!

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