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In case you haven’t heard, Harry and I are going to be doing a live recording of the DharmaRealm podcast at the Jodo Shinshu Center in Berkeley on October 2, at 5 p.m.

The event will start with a live performance of Harry’s music followed by a short discussion on an as-yet undetermined topic (though rumor has it we’re going to be talking about how to save American Buddhism). We’ll turn the mic over to the audience for questions after that, so come prepared with your burning Buddhist questions and we’ll do our best to answer them.

The Jodo Shinshu Center is located at 2140 Durant Avenue in Berkeley at the corner of Durant and Oxford. There is (limited) free parking, but the best way to get there is via BART; from the Downtown Berkeley station, just head south for four blocks and you’re there.

We do all our recording in the JSC’s Kodo which is just up the stairs from the main entrance.

Get there early to check out the BCA Bookstore, the largest Buddhist bookstore in northern California. They’ve not only got a great collection of books but also plenty of altar accoutrement as well as gifts, music and more.

Check out the DharmaRealm podcast website for more information.


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  1. @ Jack Daw: Hm. I guess should make this post more clear. It’s not a live broadcast. We’re just recording it live before a studio audience! Sorry for the confusion!

    On the other hand, by all means send us your questions via Twitter. That’d be awesome! I’ll make a more formal tweet about that close to the show.

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