digest: shameless self (and other)-promotion

Here’s a quick, digest-y post, full of all sorts of shameless self-promotion.

  • First up, a bit of self-promotion that’s cleverly disguised as Institutional promotion. One of the hats I wear around here at the IBS is official “videographer,” which usually means standing behind a camera during public lectures and eventually posting those lectures to the IBS’s podcast. But this past fall and winter I had was given the chance to work up a short, promotional video for the IBS which can be seen over on our just-launched YouTube channel. We hope to upload more short videos to YouTube this year as a way of supplementing our existing podcast. So stay tuned for further updates.
  • Next up, the DharmaRealm is back in full swing! We released a couple of episodes in February and a new one will be up this coming Friday. And the next two episodes, scheduled for release on March 19th and April 2nd, I am extremely excited to report, will be all about Buddhism and science fiction. Woohoo!
  • But even more important than that is that Harry and I are planning our next live recording for Saturday, April 10th. There was some confusion last time about what “live” meant — think of it as a sit-com being recorded before a live studio audience — with you as that audience if you happen to be in Berkeley — not a live broadcast. We’re not streaming it because, well, we ain’t got the resources for that type of thing. But we will be taking questions from the Internets leading up to the event through our Twitter feed, Facebook page, or good-old fashioned email. A complete event description can be found here.
  • Moving right along: while my family was overwhelmed with joy by my “publication” in the Post, I’m taking this for what it is — a blog piece I wrote somewhat hurriedly on a topic that I am but tangentially attached to. Nevertheless, it is sort of cool to see my my by-line here, and it’s given me the inspiration to add a page to this here blog for all such writing I do that ends up not-here.
  • Speaking of writing, Prapañca’s co-editors and I have already received a number of submissions for which we are deeply grateful. Keep ’em coming!
  • And I’m going to tie all this up with a bullet-point of items that are most certainly not self-promotional in nature. First is Claudia’s post on talking to our kids about racism; second is Arun’s post on HBO’s search of Asian Americans; and third is Maia Duerr’s post on Women Buddhist Bloggers — three topics of no doubt higher importance than all my self-serving announcements above, by writers far more talented than yours truly whom I will let speak for themselves. Go. Read. Now.

One thought on “digest: shameless self (and other)-promotion

  1. Hey, thanks for the link to the list of Women Buddhist Bloggers. I just want to make it clear that is actually not my original post — I was re-posting the list created by MindDeep (Marguerite Manteau-Rao).

    And it actually was a bit of shameless self-promotion, since my blog was included on this list. Oh well… still some ‘self’ to work out of my ‘non-self’ : )

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