disembodied quote 1: mind

“But I think it is very useful, and indeed more accurate, to call it ‘the mind’ instead of ‘my mind.'”

another way

I’ve been thinking. Which is never good. And I’ve probably been reading too much stuff over at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. I may have the ol’ tin foil hat on too tight. But I also think that the following conversation, that the following set of questions, is worth having.

new digs

Welcome to the latest iteration of the buddha is my dj blog. If you’re a long-time reader, you’ll no doubt have already noticed that I’ve moved everything to a new subdirectory which means, sorry, you’ll have to update your bookmarks and subscriptions, etc., etc

experienced ommmmers are better at ommmming

If there’s one thing (modern western American whatever) Buddhists love is to make the claim that not only is Buddhism freakin’ awesome but we’ve got the science to prove it. Here, let us show you these monks with electrodes taped to their heads; let’s conveniently ignore two millennia of ghost stories and karma theory because we’re uncomfortable with stuff that isn’t readily explained by science; and, here, check this out — chanting the divine syllable makes you a better person, and we’ve got the science to prove it!

this is not my last blog post

This is not my last blog post. But consider this a warning. In the coming months, I am going to be expending more energy on other projects and less energy on long-winded blog posts. Some big things are coming in over the horizon, positively diverting my attention. And as a consequence, this blog will be moving. I’ll give y’all fair warning on when you’ll need to update your bookmarks.