i’m number one?

i'm number one?

What if the Blogisattvas turn us all into this?

[image from the ever-wonderfully-irreverntly-weird, Hyperbole and a Half.]

One thought on “i’m number one?

  1. i see that justin over at american buddhist perspective has linked to this post (http://americanbuddhist.blogspot.com/2010/06/blogisattva-pros-and-cons.html). thanks for the shout-out. for the record, i’m not against the blogisattvas. i actually don’t have many strong feelings about them (or the good folks who are in charge of them) one way or the other. i only posted this picture because i thought it was pretty freakin’ funny in an irreverent and sarcastic way. and i’m really hoping to be nominated for best achievement with humor in a blog post.

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