monday morning dharma: buddhist women

Doing something a little different around these parts. It’s Monday, and we could all use a little Dharma. So, here’s a quote from Rev. Patti Usuki on two important Buddhist women from the Jodo Shinshu school of Buddhism: Eshinni and Kakushinni. Her whole piece is worth a read.

Only by recognizing and respecting everyone can we understand that Amida Buddha, though formless, is regarded as both our “father” and our “mother,” for True Reality rises above the dualistic and discriminatory thinking of our human minds. Eshinni and Kakushinni were two people who showed through their words and deeds that they entrusted themselves to Amida Buddha without any doubt. Thanks to them, and to countless other Buddhist women, we can see that the teaching applies to everyone without exception. May our gratitude extend to all beings for providing us with the causes and conditions to be able to hear this wonderful doctrine.


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