the kids are all right

There’s this weird fascination with the “wisdom of children” in our culture that’s particularly strong with the New Age, crazy wisdom, a-certain-brand-of-Buddhism, set. This sense that kids have some innate wisdom that we, as adults, have had beaten out of us.

I’ve got a three-week-old daughter. And so far, I have found no wisdom or life-altering meaning in endless spit-up and sleepless nights.

Also, I’ve got a really good post in me about how all this mindfulness stuff that’s in our culture seems completely irrelevant in raising children. Consider this post a promise for something more meaningful down the line.

Of course I recognize that my little one is only three weeks old. And things will be different. A lot different. Soon.

And also. I’m really tired. So. For now. Here’s a picture of Maggie Simpson and her favorite power drill.